Press Release - May 2010

Buyers beware - "grey" imports a risk to safety
Released May 2010

Australia's boat owners are being warned of the potential safety and financial risks attached to "grey" (or parallel) imports.

The Outboard Engine Distributors Association (OEDA) is concerned about the increasing number of outboard engines that are being imported into Australia outside the outboard manufacturer's authorised dealer networks – leaving buyers exposed.

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Press Release - January, 2010

RIS response urges more time to adapt to reform.

OEDA has urged the federal government to give Australia's boating industry more time to implement proposed emission regulations.

While strongly supporting the push to lower emissions, OEDA believes introducing the new regulations in less than two years will severely impact the entire boating industry and also unfairly disadvantage large numbers of individual boat owners.

OEDA represents Australia's major outboard engine distributors in Mercury, Yamaha and Lakeside (Tohatsu).

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