Press Release - January, 2010

RIS response urges more time to adapt to reform.

OEDA has urged the federal government to give Australia's boating industry more time to implement proposed emission regulations.

While strongly supporting the push to lower emissions, OEDA believes introducing the new regulations in less than two years will severely impact the entire boating industry and also unfairly disadvantage large numbers of individual boat owners.

OEDA represents Australia's major outboard engine distributors in Mercury, Yamaha and Lakeside (Tohatsu).


"We believe the goal to reduce emissions is laudable but 2012 is simply too soon," said OEDA's Executive Officer, Lindsay Grenfell. "More time with a phased approach, would make all the difference; we have requested and would welcome continued dialogue with the Department and an opportunity to further assist in developing any regulations."

OEDA's response to the Environment Protection and Heritage Council's Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) clearly explains the variety of problems that will be caused by a too rapid introduction.

"Boat owners are heading towards cleaner engines anyway, with low emission outboards taking an ever growing slice of the market which has naturally seen reductions in outboard emission levels over the past 4-5 years," Lindsay said.

"Compared to other engine classes outboards also have very little impact – there are relatively few of them, they operate well away from populated areas and they generally only run for short periods of time."

"Two stroke outboard engines have a number of unique attributes which make them very hard to replace," Lindsay said.

"Australia's defence forces use them because they are more rugged than the alternatives. People in remote communities need them because they are robust and simple to service. Surf lifesavers, Grey Nomads and tinny owners also use them because of their performance and light weight."

OEDA advocates some system of Averaging, Banking and Trading (ABT) be consider for Australia (an integral part of the US EPA regulations) so that some current low emission outboards that meet US EPA requirements could be retained.


Lindsay Grenfell, Executive Officer

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