OEDA continues to support the Industry and the Environment:

In line with experience and initiatives of global peak bodies.

The Outboard Engine Distributors Association (OEDA) was formed 1991 to represent the Australian outboard engine industry. OEDA has with the support of key founding members Mercury Marine, Yamaha and Lakeside Marine (Tohatsu brand) provided the Australian boating public with the choice to select from a wide range of outboard engines.

Collectively, Mercury, Yamaha and Tohatsu brand outboards represent 75% of the all outboards wholesaled annually in Australia, sourced from their manufacturing facilities which produce the largest number of outboard engines in the world covering a full range of Four Stroke, Two-Stroke and Direct Injection technologies available worldwide including the Asia Pacific region of which Australia is an integral part.

With a distribution network represented by 70% of all outboard dealerships Australia-wide the customer support and dealership backup provided by OEDA members to the Australian boating public is second to none.

OEDA has by invitation from State and Federal government bodies been actively engaged since 2003 in a number of studies and forums related to emissions from various sources including outboard engines. In proactively discussing potential emission outcomes, OEDA is drawing on the global knowledge and experience of key international body, the International Marine Engine Committee (IMEC) – part of ICOMIA (International Council of Marine Industry Associations). OEDA advocate engaging in close dialogue with international standards and regulatory authorities to project an informed and authoritative industry view specific to Australia, which due to a long coastline has a unique usage pattern of outboard engines when compared to America or Europe.

OEDA members have always supported proposals by government to increase the supply and purchase of low emission outboard engines to the Australian public in a fair and equitable manner causing the least amount of disruption to customers, the dealer network and other small businesses dependant for their livelihood on the sales and service of outboard engines.

In late 2006, OEDA developed and launched the outboard Voluntary Emissions Labelling Scheme (VELS), which encourages consumers to make informed decisions regarding product choice.

The success of the VELS scheme is evidenced by the fact almost half of all wholesaled outboards in Australia during 2008 were four-stroke and two-stroke Direct Injection products.

Australia's Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts is currently developing a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) in the category of small engines and marine equipment engines.

The RIS process will then invite submissions from all interested parties.

OEDA is preparing to represent the industry in this consultation process regarding the future of marine engine emissions legislation in Australia.

Recently, OEDA appointed marine industry veteran Lindsay Grenfell to the role of Executive Office for the Association.

Lindsay said the Association was "looking forward" to being an active participant in the consultation process.

"As the official industry association, OEDA is preparing to provide comprehensive input into the Department's RIS document. It is an important process and one that will have a significant bearing on the future of marine outboard engine emissions legislation in Australia." Mr Grenfell said.

Mr Grenfell said industry data confirmed the ongoing success of VELS.

"This demonstrates to us the success of VELS and the willingness of consumers to adopt new technology outboard products," said Lindsay.

The Department's RIS document, is expected to be released for comment sometime in the near future.


Lindsay Grenfell, Executive Officer

Ph: 0430 447 355

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