What emissions are we talking about?

A fair enough question that quickly becomes a bit too technical for many customers. Still, its good to have a basic understanding.

The Australian labelling scheme follows the lead of the USA legislation by focussing on two main groups of emissions:

Hydrocarbons (HC) are unburnt and part burnt fuels. As well as oil emitted through the exhaust.

There is very long list of complex chemicals that are blamed for an even longer list of human, animal and plant diseases.

Nitrous Oxide (NOx) is the other main emission. Mixed with water it makes Nitric acid. When NOx goes into the atmosphere and mixes with rain this is called acid rain. This is claimed to have negative effects on plant life.

The OEDA Star ratings are based on these two emissions groups.

What is being banned and when?

Nothing is being "banned". The OEDA labelling scheme allows the Australian consumer the choice and clear information on which to make that choice.

However, as technology advances, fewer of the high emissions outboard motors will be available in the Australian market.

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